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Is There A Tinnitus Miracle?

Did you know that in the US alone, at least 10% of the population suffers from ringing in the ears or tinnitus?  Yes, it’s quite a common condition among people and apart from not wanting the noise, it can be extremely annoying because it interferes with one’s normal life.

Everyone suffering from it wishes for a tinnitus miracle. However, is there really such a thing? What are the causes of ringing in ears?

First off, you have to understand that tinnitus can be caused by a wide array of factors.  They can be divided into pathological (like Lermoyez syndrome, hyperthyroidism, Wilson’s disease, etc.) and non-pathological causes (such as toxic substances, hearing loss, and muscle spasms).

Since it may be caused by different things, its cure would differ too.  The most important thing is to get to the root cause and deal with it.  It can be the simplest and most practical form of tinnitus miracle. By curing the underlying condition and therefore the root cause, the ringing in the ears can be eliminated too.

Common Tinnitus Cures

Some of the most common treatments for tinnitus are drugs, sound therapy, muscle stretch receptors stimulation, surgery, and alternative medicine.

Drugs—There’s no specific drug for tinnitus.  However, certain drugs are being tested due to the claims of some sufferers that the medicines could help.  Some of these medications are classified as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and neuromuscular-blocking drugs.

Sound therapy-Some experts support the use of sound therapy in alleviating the symptoms of tinnitus.  For instance, there’s the use of white noise machines.  The sound of the ocean breeze, splashing waves, or falling rain has the capacity to mask the ringing and the hissing.

In addition, they also help in stimulating the inhibitory pathways by creating a continuous sound in the background.  It may not be your exact idea of tinnitus miracle.  However, it certainly offers a good source of long-term peace from the disturbing condition.

Muscle stretch receptors stimulation– It has been found that some neck exercises can lessen tinnitus.  For example, when the sternocleidomastoid muscle is stretched, receptor signal is reduced.  Consequently, the excitatory stimulation of the inner ear is also reduced and tinnitus is prevented.

Surgery-If the underlying cause of tinnitus can be operated on, doctors usually recommend the procedure.  Some examples of surgeries are microvascular decompression, cochlear implants, and electrical brain stimulation (non-invasive).

Alternative-Those who like to go natural may find their tinnitus miracle in alternative medicine such as herbs (Gingko biloba, and dihuang), supplements (like magnesium and zinc), and acupuncture.  They may be unconventional, but some tinnitus sufferers attest to their effectiveness.

Tinnitus Miracle – A  natural Tinnitus Cure

Tinnitus Miracle is a natural and holistic way for treating the ringing ears problem, without the need to use any drugs or surgery and no side effects to worry about.

Drugs and herbal supplements may help temporarily but you want to cure it permanently. Tinnitus miracle works together with your internal system, using the right combination of holistic systems, to treat the root cause and not just the symptoms.

Tinnitus Miracle Treatment – What Is It?

Read about the top ten foods for healing tinnitus as well as the top ten worse foods to take when you have the problem. What type of exercises are best suited for people with this ringing ears problem? What is the one specific medication you need to avoid at all costs to prevent your problem from getting worse?

Relief from Tinnitus

Imagine being able to get relief from the constant ringing in the ears and taking back control of your life once again. Imagine being able to ‘hear’ once again the stillness and quietness of the night. Imagine being able to relax and listen to your favorite music, to enjoy life once again.